Fresh start!

Sometimes in life the hardest thing must be starting, before you have everything set out in front of you. When you don’t know how it will all pan out you might get scared to start. I know whats on my mind, and what I want to share with the world but I thought I needed a strict plan on how to do it. Like with every other challenge in life! But sometimes the planning gets in the way of doing. So my advice for myself and everyone out there, start doing and the rest will fall into place just like it was supposed to.

My wish is to inspire people. For those who just want some inspiration to cook something else than what they usually do, for the oh-so-cool vegan who has it all figured out and the ones who wants to live a greener, happier and healthier life but doesn’t know where to start.

I’d like to inspire people because I myself had to find inspiration to start my journey. Blogs about food must be a gift from the universe, because I don’t know what we would do without them!

Food is the number one issue people have with changing lifestyles, the fear of what they will lose is greater than what they will gain from changing their “diet”.  But once you figure out that you don’t have to lose that much to live a happy and healthy life the decision isn’t that hard to make.

Before the change, food was a distraction, something to get out of the way so that I could spend more time to do other things. A time consuming project that didn’t give much more than stress. It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t beautiful, like food should be!

But it all changed drastically and in a short period of time.

Now I enjoy cooking the food as much as eating it. I try to plan my days so that I have time to spend in the kitchen, because I think it’s important that food isn’t associated with stress. Because food should always be a positive experience! And I never limit myself by thinking of what I can’t do and can’t eat but instead of what I actually CAN eat and do.

Cook whatever food you crave, wherever the recipe comes from and just “Veganize it!”. Take whatever is in the recipe that you can’t eat and replace with something else, don’t limit yourself!

So for whatever reason you’re visiting my blog. If it’s because you’re thinking about living a greener lifestyle, already do or if you’ll never ever change, I hope you’ll find some inspiration here. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your own health, the environment or for the sake of the animals, you are all welcome!
And I hope I will give you inspiration to empower yourselves, and question yourselves and the life you live and everything in it. Dare to see life with new eyes, feel more and live an open life with an open mind.

The only thing that can happen is that you benefit from it!



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