Hasselbacks potatis – Ovenbaked potatoes

It’s been a wonderful weekend full of Holiday activities and food. A weekend of spending time with family, playing games and eating a lot of food and sweets. And now I’m sick of it, even though the food’s been amazing this year and the treats as well (my chocolate fudge was real popular and vanished quickly).

So another plate of Christmas food wasn’t really what I was looking for so we decided for a different approach for lunch today. Craved potatoes, but in some other way then what we’ve been having for the last couple of weeks. So we ended up making Hasselbacks potatis out of Amandine potatoes.

The story behind Hasselbacks potatis comes from when the larger potatoes made for baking in the oven were really popular, but since they were so big it took forever to cook them. This was when the thought of carving lines in the potatoes to speed up the cooking process took place, it’s said that this idea came from a place called Hasselbacken in Stockholm, Sweden.
To make these potatoes nowadays might have changed a bit, you still carve thin lines but you also add butter (dairy free of course!), salt and breadcrumbs. This makes the potato ready to eat inside but with a nice and tasty crust.

We served them with a seitan steak, homemade bearnaise sauce and a fresh salad! Amazing!

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