When you have a cold or feeling one coming on, and you need a boost in energy, the answer is juice. Not only because it’s so delicious but also because it’s so easy, both to make and drink and is very good for you. There are studies that say pineapple juice is a great way for you to get rid of your cough and it also has a lot of vitamin C.


Usually what ends up in the juicer is what I’ve got at home for the moment, but the main ingredients are usually oranges and apples. Mostly because they’ve got so much juice and are tasty!

For this juice I had oranges, apples, lemon, lime and pineapple. (There’s pomegranate in the picture, but it actually never ended up in the juice!)
The fruit in the picture gave me about 1,5 liters.


At other times I love having ginger, grape and carrots as well but as said before what you have at home usually works out perfectly!



Juice and enjoy!

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