Humble brush – the eco friendly choice

Every year 6,4 million tons of garbage ends up in our oceans. More than a million birds and over 100 000 mammals are killed because they either ingest the plastic or get stuck in it.

Plastics constitutes for most of the marine garbage and is especially problematic because nature can’t break it down and take care of it. It only degrades into smaller pieces until we can’t see it, but it’s still there, in our oceans.


Micro-plastics are perhaps the worst, it is tiny bits of plastics that can sip right through our filters and out in the oceans. And because we can’t see it we can’t really grasp the magnitude of it.
Micro-plastics are in stuff we use daily such as body and face scrubs and tooth whitening. But recently also in lipstick, foundation and mascaras.

So to make sure you don’t support this environmental hazard, look out for these ingredients:  polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene, terephthalate, poly methyl,methacrylate and nylon.

And our toothbrushes that we are supposed to swap out every two months or so, are a big problem as well. Since most of us throw it in the bin and doesn’t recycle it, it stays the same for years.Some say it can take up to 450 years or more before the earth can take care of the plastic.
Therefore  it belongs in the plastic recycling!

I think the best idea is to swap out your plastic toothbrushes to the amazing bio-degradable Humble Brush that is made out of bamboo.


Every little action that YOU make in you life, whether it is to buy more organic, less plastic containers or perhaps recycling more you are making a difference! The thought that one man alone cannot have an impact is outrageous, it’s what it’s all about. Every tiny human making a better choice makes for a lot of better choices that will have a great impact.


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