When it all made sense

Somewhere along the way I took a step, to a place I never thought I’d be. Because I was like the rest of the worlds population, close minded and hypnotized. Never really thinking for myself, just going along with whatever was said. But something opened my eyes and made me see, and for me there’s never a chance of turning back. Once my eyes were open, that was it! And I’m ever so grateful for it!

I was like the rest but always striving to live a better life. Thinking about consequences but never really going deep enough to figure things out, just assuming the way it’s always been must be the right way. I’ve always tried supporting the organic producing and recycle as much as I can. But never really questioned anything. Like what was in the makeup on my face? The toothpaste in my mouth? The food in my belly?

I thought I was living a good life, compassionate and loving. I’ve always loved animals, had animals since I was little. From rabbits to dogs to horses, but those are the animals we are supposed to love, in comparison to the other ones.. ending up on our plates. It is weird when you think about it, because they are all the same. They feel pain in the same way, love the same way and suffer the same way. And we all know how we feel if our beloved pet were to be harmed or suffering, our hearts would break. And we’d do anything to end that suffering. I wonder why we then turn a blind eye to the massive suffering of farm animals?

I always thought veganism was extreme, because that was the way it was portrayed in society. We all fear and judge what is different from the “standard”, and because we don’t understand it, we dismiss it. But are we robots? Do we have a standardized software? Are we supposed to function and feel the same way? That is odd in my opinion, because there’s so many of us. How could we possibly be the same?! But now I understand that vegans are compassionate and loving people that want to make a difference. They won’t support the industry that abuse and exploit. They want us all to live better, healthier lives without harming others.

Even though I’ve never really liked meat, I ate it. It’s what I was supposed to do and I never really questioned it. I’ve always known animals were suffering because of the industry. What animal wouldn’t be hurt when killed? But like everyone else I turned a blind eye. And that is not something I’m proud of, but it’s a fact and something I’m ashamed of.

The first reason to why I thought about going vegetarian wasn’t even for the animals. And that sickens me today! I was egoistic and did it for myself, for my health. But like everyone else I could NEVER give up cheese, how can you survive without cheese right?
That is actually the most common reason I’ve heard as to why people never could go vegan. Cheese.. Every thought of why no one could live without it? Like nicotine… It’s addictive!

So I was a vegetarian for about a month I think. The thought was never really to go vegan, it just sort of happened. My boyfriend and me just started digging around for information, about health and etc. And we found information that we couldn’t ignore. This was terrifying! Could this be? Was this really what the industry looked like?
I felt like a fool. I never ever thought that this was how it actually were. I had bought all their lies and propaganda. It’s really embarrassing.  Before I never wanted to eat meat again, after this… I was determined to never contribute to the suffering of animals. It was disgusting!

The video that was the game changer for me was Gary Yourofsky’s speech. It opened our eyes. When I saw the footage of how dairy cows are being treated, I cried. And made a vow to never eat cheese or drink milk ever again! And I personally wanted to make the people in the video pay, and if they were to stand in front of me. Believe me I would!
Poking the cows with electric probes punching the calves in the heads, kicking them and just abusing these animals for NO REASON at all! That must be some sort a mental illness, I can’t and won’t believe that a sane person can do something like that. Can you honestly have empathy and then do something like that? You must be mentally ill.

Now I’ve been vegan for a year, and it’s the best choice I’ve ever made. I feel better, not only because I live a healthier life but also because I’m taking a stand against the industry and system that controls us. I won’t contribute to massmurder and rape. I’m spending my money on products that is better for the environment and doesn’t destroy it.

We vote with our money, what you buy will flourish. So make sure you put you’re money somewhere worth it!

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