Perfect potato wedges

Been hectic these last few days, hence the rare updates! Working not only takes up time, but also a lot of energy. And after work, tending to my animals, cooking and training.. there’s not much energy left and inspiration is lost as well.

But in the meantime I will share my way of making perfect potato wedges, which aren’t oil free completely but much less oil than we’re used to these days. When using only a little bit of oil and a baking paper to make sure the potatoes doesn’t stick to the dish you get delicious wedges!


What you need

2 servings

  • 6 medium potatoes or 4 large
  • Spices of choice
  • Oil of choice
  • Baking paper

How to

  • Put the oven on 200 degrees celsius
  • Peel the potatoes if you want, if you have potatoes with a nice skin then just rinse them of.
  • Slice them up and place on baking paper on a tray or in a dish.
  • Sprinkle the potatoes with sea salt and a little bit of pepper, and drizzle some oil over. Not to much!
  • Here’s where I add either Rosemary or Tarragon  over the wedges. Depends on what you’re serving them with.
  • Keep in the middle of the oven for about 30 minutes or so. Depends on the oven. Usually the last 5-10 minutes I swap to grill on my oven which gives them some nice color and crust.


Serve with a quinoa burger, asparagus and a blend of mushrooms&onions. Or maybe just eat them as they are since they THAT good!


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