It’s Christmas time

I have been caught up in my work lately, and when I saw that the last time I posted was in June I got a bit terrified. It’s crazy how time flies sometimes.

My wish is not to be as caught up as I’ve been. My wish is always to inspire and to be inspired. So I’m thinking letting go of the little perfectionist sitting on my shoulder telling me it’s not good enough to post, might be a good idea.

Soo many great recipes and ideas to share that I don’t because I don’t have the perfect photo. Thinking that from here on I’ll try to post at least once a week. That’s my new promise to myself and the world.

It’s Christmas time

My favorite thing for Christmas is candied almonds. So freaking easy and delicious! Your home will smell lovely! For some Christmas recipes from last year I’ve made a category called Christmas.



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